Charleston, Shem Creek, South Carolina

As you leave Charleston, South Carolina and head for the barrier islands, you will cross Shem Creek. Commercial fishing and shrimp boats hug the waters edge. At high tide the brilliant yellow marsh grasses are flooded with salt water. I was granted permission by the local fishermen to paint on the docks near their boats. As I drew in my paintings of their boats, the captains shared stories about their years of experiences, fishing and shrimping.
My family lived near the Charleston Battery after I was born. There are many beautiful homes clustered together facing the ocean in that area. Pastel colors enhance the architectural details. Horse drawn carriage tour guides highlight the significance of the historic homes.  Click on any of the paintings to view a larger representation of the work. Actual size before matting: S=11" x 15", M = 15" x 22"  
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Capt. Tang
Shem Creek, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Near the end of Shem Creek as it spills out into the Charleston Harbor, this vivid blue and white shrimper prepared to leave the dock. Repetitive shadows created a pattern of diagonal slats on the hull. Rhythmic dock poles plus booms and stern rigging created strong linear movement.

Anna Blow Country Lady and Bridget
Shem Creek, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Tie up dock space on Shem Creek is limited. Shrimp boats are often linked together.  Fast moving clouds coupled with mirror reflections offered a scene with lots of eye level movement. Golden grasses provide the backdrop.
Captain BT's Shrimper
Shem Creek, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Billowing clouds against the dark prussion blue shrimper offered dramatic contrast. Tall rhythmic marsh grasses filled the foreground at low tide.  Careful placement of shrimp boats leads your eye towards the opening in Shem Creek.

Shem Creek Marsh
Mt. Pleasant, SC

In late October, the Shem Creek marsh turns golden yellow. Frequent storms appear suddenly creating dramatic movement in the grasses and swirling cloud formations. Hide tide pools appear. Wooden pathways to the boat docks can be glimpsed in the distance. Shrimp boats, clustered in the distance wait out the storm.